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Final Project Information

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Online Journalistic Standards vs. Journalistic Standards & Ethical Journalism

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Firstly, I am of the opinion that online journalistic standards (OJS) are held in a lower form of regard in comparison to the print/copy – older – journalistic standards – both of which incorporate the highest regard for ethics, and neither of which should evidence a difference from the other.

Secondly, I believe that OJS are easier to ‘dismiss’ because of the vast amount of people that consider themselves publishers. Users tweeting, using facebook, writing blogs, and publishing to the web are arguable more prone to fall victim to such instances as poor ethical values in regards to OJS versus professionals practicing the older more systematic approach via journalistic standards.

However my argument ┬árevolves largely around the ease-ability, in the sense that it’s ‘easier’ to public material via the computer – opening up possibilities for libel and defamation of character, false light, distortion and a number of other torts – because it’s ‘easier’ (in theory) to just copy and paste, along with numerous other functions to claim work as your own or fabricate, or fictionalize.

Neighbors GO! Away…

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The theory behind neighbors go is an amazing concept designed to deliver news on a more local level to persons interested in their personalized community news via a one-source publication for the North-Texas metroplex.

However the idea suffers from lack of a poorly designed website in-which navigation becomes confusing and at times difficult, while at the same time appears as a giant-source ad.

The most effective and arguably most beneficial feature that I believe will keep users returning to Neighbors Go is the easy-to-use community search seen here:

The uniqueness of this customizable search engine isn’t entirely unique but can be argued on the scale of usefulness. CitySearch Dallas utilizes similar features to find local community events as does Pegasus News.

In conclusion the concept of Neighbors Go is an attempt to organize local media content into one source to make finding this information easier for Neighbors Go users, gathering the information at one destination. However because the website is poorly designed with bad ad placement and confusing navigation, this can at times become difficult for users to utilize and maximize to its fullest potential.