Stephen A. Masker

Martin Jones: Reaching Younger Audiences (Bang or Bust)

In Uncategorized on September 24, 2009 at 2:07 AM


When asked to review the effectiveness of Martin Jones’ website in its reliability to ‘reach’ younger audiences, I was unimpressed. After watching what, for a brief moment, was an interesting flash introduction to the site, I quickly lost interest in what the young woman in the video was talking about. Beyond my short attention span, I found myself asking ‘what is the purpose of this website?’, which highly contributed to my personal opinion of ‘why do I care?’

To me the website seemed misleading; it almost seemed like a site designed for teenagers or those of a younger audience nature to go and ‘catch up’ on all the news that perhaps related more specifically to them. This image contributed to that idea:

"This is not your parents news"

"This is not your parents news"

Instead, some girl actress is trying to talk about news and how 40+ yr. old adults are writing and reporting the news when we will ‘inherit the Earth’ in 20 something years as grungy graphic backgrounds, multi-colored ink-blots and text is displayed at a rate which doesn’t at all keep in-tempo to the faster paced background music & actually does more damage than good.

The second Jones’ website is as equal as the first. Again the same introduction video plays and no new information is presented except for some brief bold & white font below the video with Jones’ contact information. Hardly any new information is presented and after having seen the introduction to the site previous to this one I ended the video even sooner. Here is a still depicting some of the video attributes I was attempting to describe in the previous paragraph:

Screen shot 2009-09-24 at 1.59.03 AMAs I consider my 21-year-old self to be a ‘younger’ audience of the media, these websites fail to communicate significance me and I have no interest in having to ‘try’ to discover what they are or what this woman in the videos is talking about. I think that largely these video would fail to communicate to younger audiences for several reasons; the URL’s are longer and difficult to remember (over something such as or, the information presented on the sites is brief (if any at all), leaving the viewing wondering if it’s worth their time, and the content seems weak and unappealing, perhaps even uninteresting and boring. 20 years is a long way off. Until then, the university journalism graduates with experience and degrees will continue writing the news the way their audiences want it.

  1. Hmmm, guess you didn’t like the site?! Certainly, begs the question, “what is ‘not your parents’ news’?” Would have liked to hear your thoughts on what would appeal to your demo. If you’re not looking at traditional news programming now available on network or cable news programs, then what will appeal to you?

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